Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cast your Ballot!

I don't usually climb up on my soapbox like TK does.

But today is your chance to send a message to Washington. Today is your chance to speak out and be heard.

The message might be something like "Yeah, let's work harder and make less so we can give it to those that choose not to. I want to support an administration that majors in Finger Pointing and minors in Not My Fault. And while we're at it, I'm all about supporting a government that makes decisions contrary to what the people want or need!"

In that case, your message will be sent to Washington in the form of a vote for Martha Coakley.

But if your message sounds more like "Please don't make decisions that I am in not in support of. I work hard for my money. And pay my taxes. But I'd like to keep some of it. When I came to the town hall meetings and voiced my opinion, I was not placed there by a right-wing extremist. I came because I cared and would've appreciated if you listened. I'm all for supporting those that can't support themselves. But I am not interested in supporting those that can but won't. I'm not asking for much - I'd just like to live in a free country, a democratic society. Sure, socialism might work for some people but it really doesn't work for me."

In that case you should tell Washington you're serious, you're paying attention and you've got your eye on those in power. In that case, vote for Scott Brown.

Of course there's another message you could send.

If your message sounds more like "I prefer not to make decisions, for myself or anyone else. I like to complain a lot but I'm not so inclined to do anything about it. I'm looking forward to the end of this election nonsense so I can tell people what I would have done differently, had I chosen to do anything. Also so they can stop election coverage on the local channels and I can get back to watching uninterrupted prime time re-runs."

If that's your message to Washington, just keep on doing what you're doing.

So what message will you send today?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the election today. We're all counting on you, Sharon. (No pressure. Just the economic future of the country at stake....)

TK said...

I'm offended SB, I never jump up on a soap box. I actually tend to just be there all the time. GO BROWN!

Anonymous said...

Watching now and wish I could move to MA just long enough to vote for Brown.

Little Ms J said...

Yay Mass! We were watching you all day at the office!