Monday, January 11, 2010

Imagine this...

Imagine you are on your way to work. You stop for coffee and a muffin at Dunkins.

s you walk through the parking lot you see a box. And it's on fire.

Inside is a little kitten, it's face peeking out out, it's big round eyes meeting yours. To save her you just need to reach in beyond the flames and pull her out.

Would you do it?

What if it meant scorching your fingertips? Or singeing your eyebrows?

Would you still do it?

What if it meant Dunkins would run out of muffins before you made it to the counter? What if it meant you'd be late for work?

Would you still do it?

What if you knew the kitten was going to scratch you as you pulled it from the flames?

Would you still do it? Would you save that kitten's life?

Now imagine it's not a kitten in the burning box.

It's a man.

A grown man with three beautiful daughters. A man with a loving wife.

Would you save him?

What if the man wasn't in a box, but in a hospital bed. What if instead of battling the intensity of a fire he was battling a deadly disease. What if instead of a hand to pull him from the flames he needed bone marrow.

Would you still do it?

What if to save his life all you had to do was have the inside of your cheek swabbed to see if you are a match? What if that made you late for work? Or made you miss another re-run of Lost? Or made you late for dinner?

Would you still do it?

Imagine now that you are a match for this man. And your marrow would mean that his next Christmas would be spent at home instead of in a hospital bed. It would mean that he could live his life as it was meant to be.

Would you still do it now?

What if instead of the scratch of a kitten's claw you had to feel the prick of a needle? A needle that would remove stem cells from your blood, stem cells that could save this man's life. Or someone else's. What if donating bone marrow was as easy as donating blood and not as painful as you thought it would be?

The question is no longer would you still do it.

The question is - How could you not?

Dean Gordon is fighting leukemia.

A simple act of kindness on your part could change his life.

It could save his life.

Please become a registered bone marrow donor. It's quick. It's easy.

Join me at the Lowell Memorial Hospital Bone Marrow Drive for Dean this week.

Thursday, January 14th, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. / Lowell General Hospital Drum Hill Campus / 20 Research Place, Chelmsford

Friday, January 15th and Saturday, January 16th, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. / Lowell General Hospital / 275 Varnum Ave., Lowell, MA

For complete details, including times and ways you can help, please email Michele Gordon.

Not local? Anyone, anywhere age 18 - 55 can register to be a donor.

Find out how on the National Marrow Donor site

Seriously.. how could you not?

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, Sharon. I posted it to my Facebook ~ I hope everyone who can donate does donate. Could you try hosting a blood donation at work? You know, where they bring the mobile to the place?