Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nizmo the Wonder Fish

I bought Moose a fish after a particularly rough weekend, hoping to cheer him up.

Cute fish.

Within a few days Nizmo was lifeless. I checked on him frequently.

Tuesday. Nope. No movement.

Wednesday. I tap the glass. Tap, tap, tap. Nothing.

Thursday. Hmm. Why isn't this dead fish floating to the top? Maybe beta fish don't do that?

Friday. Well, at some point dead fish start to smell. I should probably flush dead fish.

Saturday. Ok, that fish is dead.

Now what? Do I mention it to Moose or will that make him feel worse? Ugh. Clearly it's time to RIP Nizmo.

Off you go to the great beyond, where all good fishes go. Traveling the way of your ancestors.

Bye bye Nizmo.

Poor dead Nizmo.

With my hand on the flush I bid Nizmo safe travels. Which is when Nizmo came to life and began swimming vigorously.

I looked at Nizmo. He smiled. He gave me a thumbs up. I'm pretty sure he wanted to stay.

I'm almost positive he wanted me to flush him. I can say with a keen degree of certainty that he did not want me on my knees, toilet-side, reaching deep into the bowl to retrieve his sorry old self.

A ladle, a measuring cup and a soaking wet shirt later, Nizmo was back in his bowl.

Stupid fish.


Anonymous said...

Herredon says -

Stupid fish?
Stupid human thinking a poor sleeping fishie was dead!

I did the same thing with my cat who was very sick. One morning I woke up and she was on the floor beside my bed. Her head down, no noticeable breathing and I started to cry as I envisioned carrying her out for burial.
As my sobs grew Cucumber rolled her head my way and opened her tired eyes.

Yeah, just like in the horror movies I gave a little scream seconds before I sank to my knees to cuddle her in love, love, love.

Karls said...

You'd think he would have forgotten he was playing dead... don't goldfish have a 3 second memory... wait! Is this even a goldfish? Perhaps he just wanted you to prove your love.

SharonKendrew said...

Nizmo's a beta... he doesn't play well with others like a goldfish would

Little Ms J said...

Nizmo is very talented. My last fish just made the water cloudy. He could not play dead.

Anonymous said...

once i take a simply sleep i could be taken for dead, please check my breathing before you call the funeral home. Spendy