Friday, January 15, 2010

Twice as Nice???

Never in my life have I attended the same concert or seen the same performer two nights in a row. Or two nights in the same month.

Come to think of it I probably have not seen the same act twice in the same year either.

Until now.

Naturally you're wondering which performer I hold in such high esteem that I might invest not only my hard-earned money but also my precious time that is in such short supply these days. Of course you are.
I would wonder the same thing if I were you.

And if I were you and I (pretending to be you) knew me fairly well, I would guess Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I do so love Big Head Todd.

I love his Monsters, too. So that would be a great guess.

To which I would say "Ennhhh! Wrong answer!" (on a side note I would totally see him twice in a row however the Big Head doesn't actually do two concerts in a row. He's kind of a one night stand kind of guy I guess.)

If I were you and I (still pretending to be you) knew me marginally at best, I would guess U2. Because who doesn't love to see U2 live?

Wrong again. You're not doing very well today, are you?

John Mayer? Sting maybe? BB King perhaps?

I'd like to say yes but... no, nope and nosirreebob.

Those of you that really, really, really know me already know the answer.





There, I said it.

And you know what? It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

Know what else? The kid is good. Really good. Sorta great even.

Nick Jonas performed with his new band The Administration and despite the screaming, crying, does-your-mamma-know-you're-wearing-that teenagers, I actually enjoyed the show. Both nights. (As opposed to the Miley Cyrus concert I suffered through last year. Suh-huh-huh-huh-ferred).

My love for Ziggy knows no bounds and apparently neither does my pocketbook...

Highlights of the night included the opening act, the very talented, incredibly gracious Diane Birch. Diane, a young bluesy beauty won over Ziggy and her friend, though I wonder if her music wasn't just a bit mature for the young audience.

The screamsters seemed to have hard time focusing on her performance while waiting for young master Nick to appear judging from all the texting going on...

The lovely young singer dedicated time after her perfomance to sign autographs and patiently posed for pictures, quite a rarity these days. Ms. Birch - you are certainly a class act.

And then there he was. OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

Nick Jonas is an incredibly talented young man, you just can't deny it (Not even you MB). I just don't think his audience "gets it". What they get is him. Or perhaps I should say what they want to get is him.

However had he removed his name from the band and the tour and released a cd as just "The Administration" I can almost guarantee the audience would have doubled in age automatically.

- I should mention here that the group backing him up consisted of incredibly talented musicians, most of which had previously backed Prince. My generation. When music was way, way cooler. Need I say more?

However surrounded by the screamsters who went limp as Nick Jonas drank water (OMG!!! I drink water too!!!!) and cheered wildly when he talked about being diagnosed with diabetes (what is wrong with you girls??? seriously) it was a bit challenging to focus on the music and really appreciate what we were there to hear.

The fact that he is a talented musician is utterly lost on them. Had he sung satanic verse in pig latin backwards I suspect the teens would have responded in much the same way.

Ziggy? No screaming, no blatant "I love you Nick!" shouted out as if he might notice and reply. Just a smile and a little bopping to the music and maybe some singing along. At a reasonable level. Because she's different.

Sure, she adores the boy but come on - with her eclectic taste in music I'm sure she appreciates his musical talent. It's all about the style. She admires his ability to play multiple instruments. The range of his voice. In fact, I'm not even sure she's noticed what a cutie he is.

Note to Nick - Use your powers wisely young man.

Second Note to Nick - Don't hang out too much with those band members. You're not of age. Besides, partying is so overrated.

Final Note to Nick - Yes, you did miss out on meeting my beautiful, brilliant and fantastic daughter but you seem like a nice Christian boy. Come for dinner. Bring your parents. I'll make chicken.


Ziggy said...

I say we go to Texas, mother.
Maybe California?

Anonymous said...

If he is going to marry Ziggy, he really does need to heed your Final Note. Oh, and MB will bring dessert-something terribly fattening, I'm sure!