Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Faceless Fairy

I make cookies and cakes. I am by no means a professional baker, but my cake decorating skills are slightly above average. My cookies are a work of art. Word of mouth through co-workers and friends keep me busy. I've never had a complaint, except when it comes to TK & Sharon. It's not that they complain, but I've noticed a trend when I make cakes for them.

I made a cake for Ziggy's 13th birthday - perfection

I made a cake for Ziggy's cheerleader dinner party - spectacular

I made a cake for one of the Rugrat's birthday's - fabulous

And then I've made other cakes that are just cursed. I've decided that it's a chocolate cake curse, because every time I make a vanilla cake, no issues. But request a chocolate cake... and something ALWAYS happens.

Case in point - TK LOVES chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting. Last year I was asked to make the cake for his birthday party. Sure, no problem - I've made this type of cake before plenty of times. This should be easy. Ironically, that weekend I had two other cakes to make - so I put TK's cake off until the last minute. Well, the frosting was a chocolate fudge frosting that is made by melting the chocolate and then adding confectionery sugar. Add the fact that the chocolate cake had not completely cooled before I frosted it - and you have a disaster. The cake itself tasted great, but it was not very pretty to look at.

After I made Rugrat #1's cake in December, his sister told me she wanted a Tinkerbell cake for her birthday in January. She wanted a chocolate cake. Do I need to say anymore? I made the cake the night before, it came out awesome. I had it sitting on my dining room table in the cake carrier ready to go. I spent the night at Batman's house... we had a lazy morning, I made us breakfast...we took our time that morning. After all, the cake was made, I just needed to stop by my house and pick it up. The party is at 1:00. At 12:30 I head home to pick up the cake. It is tipped over on the floor, still encased in it's protective carrier - but now Tinkerbell is just a blur of frosting. Panic. I tried to repair her, but it was not I had to re-frost the entire cake! The frosting I use is not some store-bought-in-a-jar stuff. It's made from scratch. So I had to redo Tink and still try to make the party. I was late, and Tink had no face. She was a faceless fairy. I didn't take a picture of her because I was rushing around and by the time we got to the party (2 hours later) People were ready for cake.

So the moral of this story? Need a cake? I'm your gal ... but I warn you now, if you ask for a chocolate cake - there are no promises on what you'll get.

I'm just sayin.

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