Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Mother's Love

Ziggy - "Mom, stop! No seriously, stop! Ok -" insert dry kiss on cheek here, "I kissed you good night. Now go!"

Me - "Smooch! Smooch! Smooch!"

Ziggy - "Ok, enough! Why do you keep kissing all over my face. AAAAARRGGGHHH! Oh no, mom! Not hugs too! Stop! Squeezing! So! Hard!"

Me, still puckered up and now hugging Ziggy with a grip GI Joe would envy - "But I loooove you sooooo much baby girl!"

Ziggy - "I love you too but you don't see me hanging and slobbering all over you. You're so close I can see the hairs up your nose. And I think I see a gray one."

Me - "Now that's not funny. Ok, maybe just a little bit. But I love you and this is how I show it, whether you like it or not."

Ziggy - "Well I don't actually like it so..."

Me - "Ok let me put it this way, what if Spendy invited you over for chicken and you were all like "oooh I adore chicken!" and then she served it on a blue platter and you didn't like blue platters. Would you tell her to take the chicken back and serve it on a pink dish instead?"

Ziggy - "Um. Chicken?"

Me - "It's an analogy, Zig."

Ziggy - "So you're the chicken?"

Me - "Yes. I mean no. My love is the chicken. And my kisses and hugs are the blue platter."

Ziggy - "So what does the pink dish have to do with your love?"

Me - "Ugh! I am trying to show my love, or the chicken, by giving you hugs and kisses, aka the blue platter. But instead you want, I don't know, let's say a trip to the mall to buy boots, which is represented by the pink dish."

Ziggy - "So you don't want to take to me to the mall then?"

Me - "No, I don't. I mean yes. I don't know, maybe. There was a cute scarf I've been meaning to pick up..."

Ziggy - "I'll get my coat."

Me - "Wait. Focus for a second. I really want to make sure you get what I'm trying to tell you. It's important. Not just for me and you and our relationship now but for future relationships, too. Someday you'll meet a great guy. And you'll want him to love you. And he'll show it how he's comfortable showing it. You can't want someone to love you and then criticize the way they show it. Chicken equals love, my girl."

Confusion crossed her face and then cleared. Her face lit up. Oh my goodness, this was it - our mother daughter moment. A bonding moment that will be relived for generations to come as Ziggy falls in and out of love. A Hallmark commercial in the making. My eyes began to glisten with tears as my daughter reached a hand out to me.

Ziggy - "If chicken equals love, and chicken nuggets are 100% white meat, can we stop at McDonalds on our way to the mall?"

Ohhh Zig. Of course we can.


Herredon said...


Herredon said...

Oh that IS a great column! I do so love it when a column lives up to its hype!

Mebbe it's the vegetarian in me but I always go with the adapter conversation as in 'sometimes people show each other love and it's just easypeas like pluggin a 2 prong plug into a 2 prong outlet but sometimes... most times, actually, it's more like trying to plug a 3 prong plug into a 2 prong outlet ~ ya need an adapter'.

I worked with a man who liked me but was shy in showing it. I had a chair in my office that wobbled. It was my favorite chair except for the wobble. He noticed it and after work he took the chair and fixed it. Next morning the chair was in my office wobble~free.

He blushed and kicked the ground when I thanked him.

I understood what fixing the chair meant. For me, it meant I was gonna get a free dinner and some .... chicken...

TK said...

Unfortunately it is age or having your own children before we get IT

SharonKendrew said...

So TK - are you saying you get IT?