Friday, March 5, 2010

Blogger Award!!!

I follow myself with a Google Alert.

No idea why I started this, but it's a great way to keep track of who else is talking about me on the web. When my name is mentioned on a site, I receive an email alert. Cool, huh?

Oddly enough, I get emails on a regular basis.

Not so odd, the website that features my name pretty regularly is, um, this one.
So imagine my surprise when my Google Alert yesterday told me someone other than me was talking about me. And sure enough, there I was on on the fabulously funny Little Ms. J's site, getting a little blog love.

Many blog sites will award blog awards to other sites that they love, adore, respect, follow or worship daily.

Not sure what prompted Ms. J to nominate me but if I had to guess... all of the above perhaps???


I am now the proud owner of the Blogger Buddy Award.

Yes indeedy.

Am. Somebody.

I think, though I could be wrong (in which case just hush up and pretend I'm right) that I am supposed to post 5 random things about myself as recipient of this award and, in turn, pass the award on to 5 other sites that I love, adore, respect and worship daily.

So here goes:

1. I love a good debate. Not just an argument for argument's sake but an intelligent discourse with someone who can defend their position in a calm, reasonable tone without resorting to "Oh yeah??? Well, well, well... you're dumb".

2. I would rather lose a debate than win one. And will respect that person forever for making it impossible for me to win.

3. I can spell almost anything backwards. esaelP t'nod tboud em. gnitanicsaF tnsi ti?

4. From the time I was 8 until I was about 13, I had convinced myself there was a pretty good chance I was adopted. Turns out it was just wishful thinking.

5. My most embarassing moment as a child involved recess, a nose full of snots and a giant sneeze. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

And my Blogger Buddie Awards go to:

Amy at Amy Sue Nathan - Editor extraordinaire, spewer of great advice and soon-to-be-famous author.

Debbie at Suburb Sanity - A unique perspective on, well, just about everything.

Jen at Cake Wrecks - When I'm in need of a laugh, I go here.

Jon at Stuff Christians Like - I talked my pastor into taking the "How Metrosexual is Your Worship Leader" quiz featured on this blog.

So there you have it, 5 random things about me, 5 awesome blogs for you to visit today - after you comment, that is!

Happy Friday!!!

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