Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cleaning house

I have a love/hate relationship with face book.

I love it because It helps me stay in touch with friends and family that in the past I would not talk to for months because of distance or time just slips away from us. I admit I am guilty of face book stalking from time to time. Don't judge, I'm sure you do it too.

On the other hand I hate face book. It changes constantly, I think someone over there at face-book-headquarters whose name is probably Satan, has only function, and that is to figure out ways to make things more difficult for people to figure out, oh and to create annoying things like FarmVille, CookVille and CritterVille.

Over the past year I've come to realize there are all types of people on face book, I've broken them down and listed a few:

Friend Whores: These are the people who just like to have as many friends as they possibly can, strangers, the mailman, your friend's cousin that you met once when you were four... let's be face book friends! The more the merrier!! Maybe it makes them feel like they are truly loved. Whatever.

TMI Tellers: Sink sex? Good for you. You know what would be more interesting than reading about the details of your sink sex-capade? If you posted pictures.

Chronic Complainers: Every single thing they type is negative. "I seriously hate my job", "I'm so broke", "I hurt my leg", "My leg still hurts", "Why is my leg still hurting?", "My boss is mean to me, it's his fault my leg hurts". Take a prozac and step away from the computer. Seriously.

Fakers: If your life were really that wonderful, you wouldn't be spending 90% of your time on face book. Admit it.

So, I've started the de-friending process. By the time I'm done, I'll probably only have like 20 friends left ... but at least my wall won't be filled with meaningless crap from people that I don't even speak to, ever. I just don't have the time to filter through the BS when I log into Face Book.

After all ... I'm much too busy with all my friends, that is when I'm not having sex on my sink, because my leg hurts, but it's all good because I just LOVE MY LIFE!!!

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