Friday, April 16, 2010

The Adventures of Paco Suave

Blog friends, meet Paco Suave.

Paco, say hello to our blog friends.

Paco has been with us since shortly after Christmas when a friend brought him to our annual after-Christmas Yankee Swap.

There are 2 rules for our swap. 1) rewrap a gift you received for Christmas - something you don't want, don't need or truly dislike and 2) swap it and take home the gift you wind up with.

Someone brought Paco to the swap. Someone wound up with Paco.
Someone left Paco behind.

I'm not going to sugar coat this. The Swedish Chef did it.

In his original state Paco was an unnamed flat body encased in plastic and turned into a dartboard. An inappropriate dartboard.

I was certain it was an oversight. How could someone leave such a delightful gift behind? The only thing better than a naked man dartboard would've been an Obama chia pet.

In my efforts to reunite gift and owner, I tucked the naked man dartboard into a bag with other assorted things for The Swedish Chef and left it on my porch. The bag was picked up. Paco was left behind.

Well, needless to say, if naked man dartboards had feelings, Paco's would've been hurt. The Swedish Chef heartlessly deserted poor unsuspecting Paco.

So I did what any caring, thoughtful person would've done.
I left Paco on the Swedish Chef's bed. With a note written by Paco professing his everlasting friendship and love.

Since then Paco has undergone a serious transformation. His naked dartboard body has been replaced in the first ever naked-man-dartboard-to-Ken-doll transplant.

Check out those abs! With his new body he has found that he is much more mobile and has developed a taste for social networking, travel and adventure. And also stylish clothes.

He returned to Beck House via a FedEx box a week after he was found in the Swedish Chef's bed.

He created his own Facebook page.

He snuck into a bag and hid
by the kitty litter boxes at the Swedish Chef's house.

He bought some stylish new outfits.

He found his way into the glove compartment of Babs Killabez's car.

Paco has made new friends, underwent a body-changing makeover, traveled down the East Coast and created quite a stir along the way. I've asked him to guest blog about his adventures but he's shy and needs encouragement. You'd think a previously naked man dartboard would not have any reservations...

However I have a feeling in the next few weeks you'll be hearing more from Paco Suave.


Anonymous said...

I have had a wonderful time traveling with Paco and have found him to be witty and charming!
Paco, I hope that you will find your voice and courage to be a guest blogger! Go Paco! Go!

Babs Killabez

Anonymous said...

Spendy just saw vacation video of Paco and friends. i am certain Paco
has plenty of tales to tell!!
write paco write!!!

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