Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Zig!

It started with a simple Facebook invite. Nothing big, just something to send out so a few friends could celebrate her birthday with us.

Even so, I wanted a theme.
Ziggy didn't.
Ok, it's her birthday so... no theme.
But me being me, I created a funny-to-me picture for Ziggy's birthday.

Which Ziggy, her being her, did not find amusing.

She begged me to replace it with a boring bunch of balloons.

But still - no theme mom! Really. I don't want a theme, it's no big deal.

Fine, no theme. Fine, balloons.


I casually complained mentioned to a friend or two that Ziggy lacked enthusiasm for the ridiculously funny picture I created for her.
Because the more I thought about it, the funnier it was.
Birthday present. In my shorts. Ha!


Then I sat back and let the good times, or ahem, the toilet paper, roll...

Her gifts came wrapped in toilet paper. There were toilet paper games.
Poop jokes for weeks leading up to her birthday. And then... there was the cake.

It was so good I wish I could take credit for it but it was the creation of two of the best embarrass-your-children-masterminds of our time...

A close up of the delicious cake - made with crushed cookies and cake, pudding, food coloring and hand crafted out tootsie rolls.

Drips over the side add a certain level of authenticity, don't you think?

Served on the kitchen floor, where else?

That's one tasty treat right there.

Zig - all I have to say is, it wasn't my idea.
Remember that when you decide to get even.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Zig. It wasn't funny. Poor kid..... hope you live a long, long life with many opportunities for her to make up for it.

Happy birthday, VERY happy year, Zig!

Doreen said...

Great job on the cake, it looks very real. Happy birthday Ziggy!

Anonymous said...

Ziggy had a marvelous time! And although she wouldn't actually EAT the cake, it was secretly her favorite part!

Happily married to one of the masterminds!