Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paco and the Mouse

Hola, my name is Paco!

I am so very happily excited to be writing my very first blog that I just tinkle in my pants a little bit.

The lovely senora ask me to fill in for her today, so here I am!

Ok I not so truthy on that.

She sleep much after we drink the tequila that she can no write no more.

I know she no want to disappoint you all, who have not had any new blog to read in a long time so I think I will help her.

But how?

And then it comes to me, like a shoe it hit me on the head and I think - I, Paco Suave, I will write blog!

So I say to myself, Paco, what to write about?

And I say to me, do I write about my bromance with the Swedish Chef?

Or maybe I tell you about my service to our great country, when I served proudly alongside the GI Joes.

But then I turn on my ipod and my favorite song comes on. Yes, you know the one. It's a Small World After All.

It's a sign! I must share with you my joyness from my first trip to the happiest place in the world, si?


So I share with you today, my blog amigos...

Paco's Trip to Disney

Here I am, on the bus.
You think I look lonely, si?
But I no lonely.
A very nice lady from Wichita sat next to me.
Her name is Madge.
We are now Facebook friends.

I love the Hollywood movie senoritas, and they love me back.
Paco knows this lady, she sing to me. She wink with the eye at Paco.
We have the, how you say, connection.
She no want Paco to go but hey lady, this is the DisneyWorld.
The Tower of Terror is calling my name.

This man take all of Paco's pesos after we play cards.
And then he drive away in his little tiny car.

I luff the Great Movie Ride.
One time I watch Wizard of Oz sixteen times in a row.
Drinking Red Bull.
And singing The Lollipop kids song.
While inhaling helium.
Best night of Paco's life.

Imagine, Liza Minelli's hands were underneath where Paco's um, burro is sitting.
Miss Lisa Minelli, I luff you.

Speaking of Paco's burro...
I warn Ziggy not to sleep on bus stop bench but she no listen.
Sorry, that turkey leg I just ate did not agree with me.

If we go now, we can just make it to the Beauty and the Beast show again!

The Vicar never shared his Popsicle with me.
Or his corn dog.
Not even one time.
Paco so hungry.

Best ride in the park, right

So that is me, Paco, and my first trip to DisneyWorld. You notice I no have picture of me and The Mouse.

I try.

I really do.

But the Minnie Mouse, she give me the big winky winky every time I see her and the Mickey, he no like that.

So no picture of Paco and the Mouse.

I did get the Minnie's cell number so is ok.

Next time you go you take me, yes?