Monday, July 26, 2010

I Regret...


It's true.

I have lived a lot of life in my 40 years (shut up. I am.) and even if I think really, really hard about it...

I regret nothing.

Don't misunderstand. There are things I have done or contributed to that I am vastly embarrassed about.

My hair, for example.

From 1986 until about 1992.

My choice in men.

From, uh, 1985 until perhaps 2001.

The thank you notes that I didn't send.

The time Doreen and I sent spoons to a couple of guys in a restaurant, so they could share our dessert with us.

Which um, they didn't.

The snots I blew all over my pants when I sneezed. In a very public place.

The ice cream-Doritos-leftover-Mexican-Snickers-bars-oreos-frozen-pizza feast I gorged on while watching back to back Meg Ryan flicks.

Believing that this time Spendy really would pay me back the allowance she borrowed.

Decisions I made that weren't appropriate, smart or sane.






Well, no.

Of course there are people I may have offended in some way or another but trust me when I say I never offend people with intent or malice.

And if I have offended you in any way you need to know it really wasn't you.

It was me.

I am quite adept at getting those flipper feet of mine lodged firmly in my mouth. And do it with some regularity.

But do I regret it?

Not exactly.

Everything I've done, all the mistakes - big and small (and there were some BIG ones) - have brought me to where I am.

And I like where I am.

Having said that...

If you ever, ever, and I mean ever catch me with mousse in one hand and hot rollers in the other, slap me.



Doreen said...

As for the hair, we've all been there...unfortunately some people are still there :)
To the men ... I think that bad relationships help us to recognize a great relationships.
And lastly, to the guys at the Chateau ...clearly those guys were not "sppon worthy"!!
Great post!!"

LeighS said...

Now theres the Sharon I remember!!!

Jenn said...

Check out that hair. lol. I think mine was almost as big as yours.

Woman In Love said...

Woohoo thanks for another blog!

Anonymous said...

Another good blog...wish you would post more regularly SB

Shavaun said...

Hey Sharon That post put a smile on my face. The past is the past. It has led us all to the place we are now. I'm glad you are happy with were you are and who you turned out to be.

SharonKendrew said...

thanks for the comments everyone! My husband immediately pointed out that I made an error on the "choice in men" dates... I said through 2002 and he reminded me we didn't get together until 2005 or 2006... funny guy.

Doreen - clearly, undeniably their loss... I'm sure they're still kicking themselves!

Leigh and Shavaun - I knew you both when your hair looked an awful lot like mine, just be grateful I don't have those pictures!

Little Ms J said...

I find that when I remember something (like kissing the androgynous spoken word gypsy) and blush it is the beginning of an amazing story. Mistakes are meant to be learned from and laughed at!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love this.
Oh the hair. I've been there and I still wonder how I kept my hair from deflating. Must have been those crazy perms.
Love your attitude!