Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paco's New Friends

Once again, I Paco Suave, am a guest blogger here on the Reality Covered in the Chocolate.

I like chocolate.

Is very good on bananas.

Reality, not so much.

Some of my amigos invite me to a lobster fiesta. We no have lobster where I come from.

So I go.

My English no much good so instead of the talk, I share with you the photos.

Of course I no feed lobster.

Paco eat lobster.

Stupido sign.

Make room in the jacuzzi for Paco!

Good thing I bring my Speedo today.

No! No big lobsters in the jacuzzi!

Okay, Paco come out to play with you, big lobster guy.

This is fun!

Now you be King Kong, I be the lady with the dress.

Hee hee, that tickles. Stop big lobster guy!

Don't eat me! Please lobster guy, don't eat me!!

You no want to eat Paco? Ah, that good.

Then what you doing?

No wait, don't kiss me!

Please big lobster guy, don't kiss Paco!!!

Big lobster guy needs a breath mint.

Now Paco know why we no have lobsters in my town.

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