Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Granny Panties No More

Friends have a way of creeping into your life and settling in where you least expect them.

Kind of like a wedgie.

But in a good way.

And what wedgies are to thongs, friends are to me.

Many years ago, before Hanes invented the "no-ride-up" panties, we had wedgies.




Of global proportion. And don't even get me started on panty lines.

An embarrassing, uncomfortable pandemic among women, the wedgie was one more obstacle we suffered through.

For generations.

In silence.

Until one brave woman tossed aside her granny panties and declared "As God as my witness, I shall pick my bum no more!"

The thong was born.

From adversity is born brilliance. The thong is the preferred panty of wedgie-less women everywhere, overshadowing granny panties 3 to 1.

Thongs have set the standard for my friendships.

Does the friendship fit well?

Is it there when you need it?

Does it provide adequate coverage and complement your life?

Are you sensitive to its care?

Do you wear it well?

And treat it with the delicacy it requires?

Well then, that's a friendship worth wearing.

- sk


Little Ms J said...

I shall call my friends immediately and thank them for staying comfortably between my cheeks.

Rebecca said...

is it cliched to say thongs are actually quite comfortable?

like friendships. ohhhh NOW I get it *slaps head with hand*

Anonymous said...

My family are my granny panties, always up my butt. My friend are less like thongs and more like the most comfy pajamas you could ever imagine. - L

ModernMom said...

Well said!!

Lisa said...

I am visualizing myself as a thong....

Anonymous said...

Not sure I want to be a thong; but if that's a good thing to you, then I want to be a pink one with little white hearts!