Friday, November 5, 2010

Employee Evaluations. Simplified.


Woman in Love said...

Well, if I were the employee I'd have to circle Option 3 "IT DEPENDS" - because jobs are wonderful and I work diligently but I won't do whatever someone else wants nor suffer whatever someone else wants to give.

I once worked with a real estate agent who breezed into the office at 1pm. She was a night owl who thought it perfectly acceptable to call me at 11pm. When Herredon, my cat, died I had a friend over for dinner and this woman called during dinner and told me that I would speak with her as long as she wanted me to THEN she would dismiss me (her words) so I could go to my dinner guest.

Should someone suffer that? For a job?

When people have trouble working together, employers, employees, independent contractors - everyone - both sighs of the story should be examined because people shouldn't - and won't - have to put up with anything just to have a job.

Anonymous said...

Circle one? NO please.